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We are used to living in comfortable homes and having everything we need to lead a safe, stable life. And although we all long for adventure from time to time, the most extreme thing we are capable of is backpacking in the woods or camping on the wild beach. But have you ever thought about taking a trip to the real wilderness? Alone for many miles, surrounded by a vast territory of pristine lands, with no trace of human civilization, you’ll have to rely solely on your survival skills. Nobody will come to the rescue, there will be no medicine, no items of comfort, practically nothing we commonly use in our daily life. Do you think you can handle a trial like this? There is only one way to find out – playing Don’t Starve!      The game introduces you to a somewhat weird character – professor Wilson. Unlike his down-to-earth colleagues, he is fascinated with supernatural matters. And that eventually gets him in trouble. During one of his experiments, he accidentally contacts a demon from a parallel reality and the vile creature transfers him to a mysterious world where his scientific knowledge isn’t worth a dime. In this harsh wild environment, there are dangers everywhere. The world is randomly generated, so every time you will start the game anew.

A trial by survival

Once the adventure begins, you’ll find yourself next to Maxwell who will prompt you to search for any stuff that might come in handy while spending your first night in these hostile lands. Your goal is to stick out as long as possible. There are only two endings you can meet: Maxwell’s portal that will take you home and death. You will die when your health points will drop down to zero. There is also an experience bar that grows with every new day you managed to spend without depleting the amount of life points available. Experience points can be spent to unblock other characters.

The day is divided into three timezones: morning, evening and night. In the morning, the player can lead a usual way of life: collect items, interact with other creatures, eat and explore the surrounding territory. However, in the evening it’s necessary to start preparing for the nightfall. Night is the most dangerous time when you can’t see anything and risk going mad. Besides, you are hunted by a mysterious monster named Grue who can finish you off with just a few hits. To avoid that, you need a source of light – that is, fire. Grue is afraid of it, but you’ll have to make sure it doesn’t go off.

Issues of primary importance

The character has three main parameters: health, satiation and sanity. The first is the most important: once your health bar is empty, you’ll die. Your health drops when you’re cold, overheated or injured. The satiation bar can be refilled by consuming food. Make sure there are always some satiation points left. If they run out, you won’t die immediately, but your health will start dropping. Sanity isn’t connected to health, but when it’s low, the risk of encountering so-called fear monsters increases. This parameter can be replenished by relaxing activities – for instance, sleeping or gathering flowers.

To survive, the player has to be actively involved in the gameplay. You have to build, get food, make friends and kill enemies. And, of course, learn new things to reveal all the secrets of this myseriuos place and eventually find your way home!