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Have you ever imagined yourself lost in the wilderness? Do you think you would be able to survive in harsh conditions that are far from what we’re used to in our comfortable cities with all perks of civilization at hand? Let’s check it out in a thrilling survival game called Don’t Starve! You’ll assume the role of a mystical scientist called Wilson. During one of your recent experiments, you woke up a demon who trapped you in a supernatural world without any traces of humans for hundreds of miles. You must travel across these desolate lands filled with mortal dangers and eventually find your way home. Whether you live or die will depend solely on you and your survival skills. The game features multiple biomes, creatures and characters. You’ll have to pass through a large number of environments with changing weather and seasons and face the hardships of severe existence unimaginable to a modern human being. There will be nothing and no one to help you – you’ll be all alone amidst the wild ranges of a mysterious othewordly reality. Will you be able to take that challenge? Launch the game and see for yourself!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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