Don’t Starve 2017


Imagine that you have an ability to choose your own life, and dictate your own rules on your land. This sounds unreal, because we have to obey everyone on this planet, and there is too little number of chances to change the situation. Online games give you plenty of opportunities to imagine yourself on someone’s place, and turn your routine life into an adventure of a lifetime. Don’t Starve 2017 allows you to become a fearless traveler, and you will be able to prove that you are capable of anything.

Meet your new character, a usual scientist Wilson, who was kidnapped by an evil demon that transported the hero to the unknown land. Now his task is to learn how to survive in the hostile environment, and this is very challenging, and not so rewarding process. Let’s mention that you will see various magic tricks, and you should know how to cope with all of them. And believe this word; this won’t be easy, because you won’t see any hints that will show you the way that you should aspire to. And if you have no guide in this hostile environment, where everyone wants to kill you, you don’t know what to do next, and how everything will turn after your actions. Get ready to die, because the main idea of the Don’t Starve is that you have to die anyway, no matter how hard you try to keep your body and soul together.

Your main task here is to explore the place you are trapped to, and avoid angry creatures that want to kill you. Unfortunately, every single inhabitant of this disastrous place doesn’t want you to live, and will use any occasion to hurt you. Well, at least it is good that you know about the consequences of meeting with anyone here. You can create useful things that will help you to struggle your way through the game, but collecting isn’t that easy process. Each location has a limited set of resources, and you will have to search for them all the time. But here comes a strong point: when you are tired of any location, you can simply use a map, and create another dimension that will be severe and impossible to live, but will give you plenty of opportunities to prove that you can handle anything!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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