Dont Starve Together


What is your ideal way to relax? Do you like to lie on a sofa and dream about something beautiful, or you prefer active leisure, where you can test yourself? No matter what you choose, you will always find necessary activity in the Internet, and do whatever you want in terms of the chosen category. New arcade Don’t Starve Together opens a brand new world for you, where you can do numerous crazy things to survive in a hostile environment, and stay alive, when it is impossible.

Okay, let’s start with the most important point that you will definitely die. It doesn’t mean that you will just stand and do nothing. It only means that there are no strict rules how to behave in this magic world that is filled with unusual creatures. You aren’t limited in levels that mean a set of days that you spend in a place, where you

were taken by force by a demon. There are three bars that you have to control, because they give you the understanding of your state of things. First is hunger, and it is quite obvious that you can starve to death, because it’s the name of the game. Then, you may lose your mind, because you will see endless set of unknown creatures, enemies and other things that crave for your death. This very moment is rather tragic, and can lead you to insanity, so keep the cure in your rucksack. Or enemies can simply hurt you, and make your health very poor, and you already know what result is waiting for you.

Oh, well, you will definitely die, the only thing is that you can start over as many times, as you want, and learn from your own experience. No one will tell you how you should act in this or that situation, so you can experiment and test everything, hoping for a positive result. Don’t forget to collect resources, though early levels give you too little chance to succed in this mission. Think over before crafting, because you may need those materials later, but, again, you will never know until you try.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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