Have you ever felt really hungry? Some people starve to lose weight and get slim. But what if there is simply no food around to get? This game will help you test your willpower and durability by putting you in a setting where you’ll have to continusouly search for supplies in order to survive. The only source of food is the group of coconut trees on the beach. Chop them down to get precious nuts. You can feed on some of the coconuts while others will have to be replanted to spawn more palms. However, getting to the juicy inside of a coconut isn’t going to be easy. First, it should be cut in half. To do that, drop it from the inventory and use the machete to cut the shell. Of course, first you’ll need to build it. After dropping, tap and hold the fruit and choose ‘Cut’ in the menu. Now both halves can be eaten and your hunger bar can be replenished. Keep gathering and consuming coconuts to avoid starvation. If not, then you’ll meet a joyless end somewhere in the wild where nobody will even find your remains…  Save yourself from a fate like that and set up a smooth coconut production to provide your bowels with enough food!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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