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What things do you cherish in life? Actually, one of the most important things is life as it is, but it’s not that easy to preserve it. If you believe that survival is very difficult, you will definitely want to challenge your abilities to stay alive in terrifying situations. There is one game that appeared recently, but it has got plenty of positive recalls. Don’t Starve is a new arcade, where you will face various enemies and tuff conditions. If you are ready to do everything to keep your body and soul together, then you can start doing it right now!

This is a new edition that gives you plenty of wonderful opportunities to test your courage and ability to think creatively. Here you will be trapped into a very mysterious world, which you should explore and find the answer to every question that is put in front of you. Get ready, because authors want you to solve many problems, and the main trouble here will be concerned with magic and science. Your character is Wilson, and first thing that you should do is check his ability to act in extreme situations. This man is very clever; he is a scientist, and he knows how to find the necessary way-out. The cruel demon took this valiant traveler to an unknown place, and he doesn’t know how to get back. The first step is to explore the closest environment, and then enlarge the territory that is under his control. He will meet many people that inhabit that region, and Wilson has to get along with all of them.

You will meet plenty of characters that don’t have an intention to help your hero. On contrary, in this creepy mysterious world you can trust no one, and rely only on your understanding the situation. The main idea here is follow the three categories, and only when all three bars are charged, your life can go on. If your markers get empty, Wilson will die and fail his mission. Though the game’s name is connected with hunger, it doesn’t mean that you will be preoccupied only by this idea. You will have to cope with many various problems, and you will never be bored with their amount.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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