Our life is full of various events, and not all of them are pleasant. Sometimes we are threatened to death, and we have to cope with different problems. Our life isn’t a bed of roses, but it is the most interesting things, because we can breath fully only when we are solving difficult tasks. If you lack extreme emotions, you don’t have to fight with everyone on the streets and do other crazy things. You can simply load a cool game, and enjoy the process of surviving in a hostile environment. Don’t Starve is a new arcade that allows you to test your abilities to orient in unusual places and search for necessary objects around you.

Your character’s name is Wilson, and he is a scientist, who believes that his knowledge will help him to overcome any difficulty. He was kidnapped by a cruel demon, and he desperately wants to get back to Earth. But this isn’t that easy, because no one will show him the way, no any single hint! All that you can do – is just try again and again, and die. Well, this is inevitable, but you can prolong your existence by collecting useful things and constructing something that will help you. You can trust nobody, so if you happen to see a habitant of this creepy place – don’t think too long, and escape this meeting, because he or she will definitely kill you. You will find here plenty of mysteries, and you have to solve all of them, if you want to know the best way to get back home. Create a unique surrounding, for the first thing that you will see is hollow, and you have to make it comfortable and welcoming.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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